至今未解事件 夺命洞穴惊全国|

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至今未解事件 夺命洞穴惊全国|雅迪助力车多少钱Do not want to retreat also not line, this time again dozen go down, not only have no harvest, and below the circumstance that lacks siege equipment, basically rush to the city go down to die.Zhang yan complexion white, never thought of a person of courage, unexpectedly have such a power can, want to escape already too late, lu bu even after killing six, distance he has less than ten steps, not to mention his horse as red rabbit, even if it is a red rabbit level, now hair force, it is too late."Lord?" Frogyuan into a sneer, also do not answer, rode forward, in the account of the gun flat out out, not see any fancy, in the other side's contemptuous eyes, suddenly accelerated, a shot pierced the throat of the other side, blood spray in the face, the general with stunned eyes with the front of the horse rushed to fall.Froyuan into a wipe away the blood stain on the face, the gun pointed to yuan shang harsh way: "soldiers, give me kill!"

Surrender?Guo xin some excitement way: "that secret way has not been discovered now, but straight through to the house, the general can order an elite division from the secret way into the city, secretly open the gate.""In this matter, elect a good arguer to persuade." Lv bu frowns a way, did not persuade the person to come, let instead give the heart a horizontal, come to commit suicide loyal, that fun can be big.至今未解事件 夺命洞穴惊全国|For a while, a complex and unclear feeling rose in the bottom of my heart, there is shame and admiration, after all, although each for its own master, but now cao cao revealed the boldness has left yuan shang several streets.

至今未解事件 夺命洞穴惊全国|Not what counsellor, but is absolutely the greatest educator of this era, lu bu but waste a lot of strength, to persuade the old to join chang 'an academy, as the President."Good!" Lv bu nodded, looking toward cao ying's direction: "just don't know this time, whether cao cao can calculate."

Throwing the gun close to li dian's ear, although the people avoided, but Marco is not so alert, throwing the gun directly through the neck of the horse, horse shied, in the running forward a fall, crash to the ground.< / p > < p > lv bu directly sent the hussars to escort Yang fu, obviously very serious about the matter.Chapter 49 troubles rise and fall至今未解事件 夺命洞穴惊全国|




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